And Then I Read: THE ROYALS 2


Image © Rob Williams & Simon Coleby.

So, in this series it’s royalty that have all the super powers. England has two princes, Arthur, a drunken lout, and Henry, a hero unable to stand by when his country’s armed forces need him. Then there’s Princess Rose, who hasn’t seemed to commit to either of those paths yet. But by entering the (World War Two) field of battle, Henry has broken a long-held truce of the royals around the world. Now some from other countries are joining the fray. In America there is no royalty, so an attempt is made to put together a band of heroes without powers but trained and dressed for the part, along the lines of Captain America. We’ll see how that goes. The script by Rob Williams is entertaining, even if he does lay on Arthur’s awfulness rather thick. He handles Winston Churchill very well. The art by Simon Coleby is great, almost photographic in places, looser in others. A fun ride so far.


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