And Then I Read: THE ROYALS 4


Image © Rob Williams & Simon Coleby.

I’m finding precious little fun in this series now. In a world where only royal families have super powers, we’ve seen three from England, plus some from Germany, Japan and now Russia. World War Two is happening, so there’s death and destruction on all sides, and of the royals, only Prince Henry of England and his sister Rose seem to have any desire to try to make things better. So far they haven’t done much good, only drawn in other royals to increase the bloodshed. It’s kind of a piling-on story, each issue adding more horrors with little to feel good about. The art by Coleby and Erskine is fine, though some of the faces seem inconsistent and/or blurry at times. Really, blurring out all the gore and cruelty would only be merciful at this point, but that’s there in loving detail. I’ll read it all, but not with much enthusiasm. Can’t see how I could end up feeling positive about any of these characters.

Mildly recommended.

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