And Then I Read: THE ROYALS 6


Image © Rob Williams & Simon Coleby.

The final issue of this series did not change my previous opinion of it, which is not a good one. For a story to work for me there has to be at least one character I like, or at minimum empathize with, and I didn’t find any here. The cast is mainly super-powered royalty, British and otherwise, at war with each other and dragging their populations with them. Meanness, treachery, cruelty and bloody violence are their stock in trade. Young Henry, prince of England, had the best chance of being likeable, and I did like him and his sister Rose at first, but their inability to do anything effective to help themselves or the people around them wore me down. Perhaps writer Rob Williams meant his story to be a dig at the idea of royalty, or a cautionary tale about abuse of power. Certainly it’s tragic, but not in a way that I thought profound or moving. Those qualities would have required characters I liked. I’m sure there are readers out there who will have other opinions, every story speaks best to someone. The art and storytelling are competent, if a little too vague in the faces at times, and the book looks good overall. Just not my cup of British tea.

Not recommended.

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