And Then I Read: THE TIME THIEF by Linda Buckley-Archer

The Time Thief cover
©Linda Buckley-Archer, art ©James Jean.

I reviewed the first volume of this trilogy, THE TIME TRAVELERS, back in January. Having just finished this second one, I’m even more enthusiastic! Under another fine James Jean cover (though not quite as appealing as the first one), new author Buckley-Archer continues to weave a thrilling page-turner of a time-travel adventure story. This one focuses on two threads: the villainous 18th century Tar Man now in our own time, and using his knowledge of London, crime, and people to make his way in an unfamiliar world, and in the past, Kate and Mr. Schock (Peter’s father) attempting to return to 1763 to rescue Peter have instead landed in 1790s England. They find some friends, but plenty of new dangers as they must travel to France during the French Revolution to seek help in fixing their time travel machine.

Both threads have lots of great moments, and in this volume the author has weighted the past and the present equally. Many characters from the first book reappear, though the fate of Peter and Gideon is held until the very end, and leads to another cliffhanger before the final volume, scheduled for release this year. I can hardly wait. I haven’t enjoyed a series this much in a long time. Not only has Buckley-Archer shown a masterful handling of historical settings, character, and drama, but she also uses the concepts of time travel, its paradoxes and side effects, to greatly enhance the story.

If you like science fiction, history, adventure, and fine stories (and who doesn’t?) you’ll have a great time with this series, as I have. Very highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: THE TIME THIEF by Linda Buckley-Archer

  1. Francesco

    I definitely agree! I finished reading it a couple of days ago and I loved every page. Even more than the first book… I really liked the idea of being almost 30 years late and dealing with the consequences of this “small” error. And the Tar Man has really grown, as a character… some times I found myself even more interested in his thread of the story.

    I’m really looking forward to reading the conclusion now… alas, we’ll have to wait months now!

    Thanks again for making me discover these great books!

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