And Then I Read: THE TIME TRAVEL TRAILER by Karen Musser Nortman


Lynne is recently separated from her husband Kurt, and trying to find ways to bond with her grumpy teenage daughter Dinah. Camping seems like something worth a try, and Lynne has the chance to buy a classic old Covered Wagon camper made in the 1930s from an elderly friend. Dinah is not impressed, but gradually takes an interest in fixing up and refurbishing the trailer with her mother, and they plan a weekend trip to a nearby park with campgrounds. When they wake up there after their first night in the camper, they are stunned to discover they’ve traveled back in time to 1962. Lynne and Dinah manage to avoid making the other campers suspicious of their true home time period, though it’s not an easy thing to do, and after another night in the camper, they’re back in the present.

Further adventures are had in a second camping trip that puts them back in 1954. This time they narrowly avoid worse trouble when other campers suspect them of being Communist sympathizers, but a third trip carrying them to 1946 gets very scary for Dinah when she’s taken hostage by an escaped prisoner on work duty at the campground. Lynne and Dinah agree they should put a stop to the trips, but a family fight results in Dinah going back on her own to the 1930s. When she doesn’t return, Lynne and Kurt must work together to follow and try to find her.

This was a fun read. Nortman obviously knows a lot about camping, and a lot about family life, and has done her research to make the past episodes real and believable. My only quibble is the time-traveling aspect is never explained, but that doesn’t harm the story.


The Time Travel Trailer by Karen Musser Nortman

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