TwiChil1Image © Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke

A small seaside fishing village, perhaps on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, though we aren’t told that, is introduced and explored, as are the people in it, in this brilliant new comic. There’s Tito, a looker with an adoring husband, Nikolas, and something else going on with the fisherman Anton. There’s old Bundo, living in his creaky shack on the beach, a little weird and scary to the three kids who like to play there. And onto this scene comes a glowing white sphere floating on the ocean, something like the white balloons in the TV series “The Prisoner,” but even more sinister. The local sheriff is called, and a scientist, but before they get very far with their investigation, the sphere vanishes. The next sphere appears suddenly in Tito’s bedroom at an awkward moment, and then a third in a cave where the children are playing…or is it all the same one? When one of the children dares to touch the sphere, a violent reaction follows. What does it mean? And who is the beautiful naked woman on the beach?

I love everything about this book, from the enchanting characters—to the mood and mystery—to the clear, classic art where every line and shadow is important. Writer Gilbert Hernandez and artist Darwyn Cooke are each wonderful storytellers on their own. This collaboration promises to combine their strengths and ascend to new heights. I can’t wait to read more.

Highly recommended.

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