And Then I Read: THE UNKNOWN 1


Images © Boom! Studios.

This is the first comic I’ve read from Boom! Studios, which seems to be one of those small publishers based in California developing properties that might one day reach the big screen, or the small one. THE UNKNOWN is similar in feel to The X-Files, teaming a cute woman detective, Cat Allingham, with James Doyle, a bar bouncer with an attitude and his own detective talents. Mark Waid tells a good, entertaining story, as usual, and there are enough twists and turns in this issue to make me want to find out what happens next, especially the ghoulish face Cat keeps seeing everywhere, and the quantum crime they’re hired to solve.


The art is by Minck Oosterveer, a Dutch artist who is new to me, but judging from his website, he’s had success in European comics. His style does suggest European albums to me. Quite accomplished, though at times so heavily shadowed that it’s hard to recognize details. The dark coloring doesn’t help with that. But in all, a fine job.

If you liked X-Files, this will probably intrigue you. Recommended.

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