And Then I Read: THE UNKNOWN

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Okay, let’s get this out of the way: she’s a brilliant but dying crime solver, he’s an ex-bouncer with great people-reading skills; they’re detectives.

The odd-couple detective team is at least as old as Holmes and Watson, and if you add an occult angle you have “X-Files.” Mark Waid has trod these halls before with RUSE, but this time the woman is the smart one. It’s a fun series with some great action, a few nice thrills, a creepy undertone that becomes an overtone, and well-developed characters, all things you’d expect from Mark. A few angles are new: Catherine Allingham’s eventually terminal brain tumor gives her some very odd hallucinations…or are they? James Doyle is handy when fists fly, but he’s got a lot more going on for him than that. The plot has enough surprises to keep things interesting, and I enjoyed it throughout. And the ticking time bomb that is Catherine’s illness gives everything an additional sense of urgency.

The interior art by Minck Oosterveer is quite nice, with a European album feel that works well for this subject matter. Some of his figures are a bit stiff, but in general he does a fine job, adding lots of atmosphere and drama, with effectively spooky lighting and a nice variety of angles and panel sizes, another way of saying his storytelling is quite good. In all, very fine work.

This is not great literature, but it’s an entertaining read and one worth your time. Recommended.

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