And Then I Read: THE WARLORD 8 & 9


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Mike Grell concludes the story arc that he not only wrote but pencilled and inked in these issues, and I have to say his art looks just as good as it did on the title’s original run in the 1970s. The cover, above, is colored with markers, and does not well represent the interiors, which are colored normally and expertly by David Curiel. Grell’s marker colors might look great on the original art, but they don’t seem to reproduce well, they’re muddy. On the interior line art, Grell shows he’s still got it, drawing action scenes and quiet moments equally well, with fluid lines, attractive layouts and figures, and deft inking.


The story? Well, it’s a mix of reminiscence and new plotlines, filling in more old history and characters while moving the present story forward. An old temple and its goddess brings on some of the recaps, and allows Travis Morgan to rediscover his focus, while new characters are exploring the odd combination of sorcery, science, dinosaurs, medieval weapons and heroic battles that is Skartaris. Nothing too deep or earth-shaking, but a good read, and especially fun for fans of the original series. Recommended.

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