And Then I Read: TOR 2-4

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Joe Kubert’s art is deceptively simple. Very accessible, attractive in a loose, slightly cartoony way that makes it look like it was dashed off quickly. Just enough detail to convey what Joe wants us to see. Underneath that, though, is a lifetime of drawing skill and solid compositional knowledge. Joe has refined his knowledge in a way that makes it easy to understand. And in this new series featuring Tor, the prehistoric man he created in the early 1950s, Joe Kubert proves he still has it. This is not old-man drawing, this is prime Kubert.

The story is also loose and episodic, wandering from one adventure to another, as Tor picks up friends and allies, makes enemies, defeats beasts and monsters, outwits those who would kill him in an eat or be eaten primeval world. A refreshing read in the overwrought world of today’s complex, baroquely-detailed comics. Highly recommended.

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