And Then I Read: UNCLE SCROOGE 377-382


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These have been piling up on my reading shelf for months, though I think not as many as it would seem, because Gemstone is working at an accelerated pace to catch up to their monthly schedule, which fell behind for a while.

There are a lot of Scrooge stories here that are new to me, coming as they do from European publishers, but I have to say the ones I enjoy the most are the classic originals by Carl Barks, and the occasional reprints of more recent stories by Don Rosa. Even if I’ve read them before (and with the Barks stories I often don’t remember), I get some quality entertainment from those two creators.


A plus with these issues (and a few before it and one to come) are the elaborate drawings by Don of different elements and aspects of Scrooge’s life and stories, as depicted by Barks. These were, I think, created for a European calendar, and are great fun. Don’s commentary on each is on the inside back cover. I think a similar calendar might sell to US Scrooge fans, too, but perhaps there aren’t enough of those to make it profitable, I don’t know. With the focus on super-heroes, the Disney ducks tend to get overlooked or lost in the shuffle. While the price of these issues is high, there’s at least some solid entertainment in each one. On that basis they’re recommended.

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