And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #1

UnFollow1Image © Robert Williams & Michael Dowling

If you’re old like me you might remember a TV show called “The Millionaire.” Each week the title character would anonymously give away a million dollars to a complete stranger, and the show would follow that person to see what happened next. It usually didn’t go well for the recipient. This new title is similar, except that a dying multi-billionaire is giving many milllions to each of 140 people. They find out about it through a news broadcast and a 140 app that appears suddenly on their phone.

From the start, we see that the 140 process is in the hands of a dangerous man, and as we meet a few of the recipients, and learn about their lives, writer Robert Williams has made each of them quite interesting and fun to read about, from David — living a small-time criminal life in St. Louis — to Courtney, sky-diving over Manhattan while blogging about it, and more. The story is only just beginning, and I’m already hooked. Looking forward to the next issue.


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