And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #10

unfollow10cImage © DC Comics.

We’ve already seen the 140 lead characters in this series shift from dreams of avarice, as they jointly inherited a vast fortune, to nightmares of death, as they are being killed off one by one. Most of that killing has been by the man seen on this cover, known as The Mask Not Rubinstein. He’s stalking further victims, ones that are easy targets. Some of the original 140 have fled to distant refuges (so they hope). A few are in the hands of Russian gangsters, who they hope will protect them for the monetary value they have. More are on the island retreat of Japanese guru Akira, where that guru seems to be having a breakdown of some kind. The bestower of the fortune is apparently dead, and having a celebrity funeral, but is he really in the coffin? Writer Rob Williams and artist Ryan Kelly continue to keep me intrigued and wanting more.


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