And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #13

Image © DC Comics.

This issue is mostly about Akira, the cult-leader member of the 140 inheritors of the Ferrell fortune. It begins with his death in a surprising sequence that I’m not sure how to interpret, but I liked it, then goes back earlier to show how the Akira of the present came to be. Japanese samurai culture is involved, and an older charismatic leader that Akira was once a follower of. Akira took what he learned there and made his own shocking move to capture the world’s attention. I often find Japanese culture and mindsets hard to understand, and this is a good example of that, but it was interesting, all the same. As the number of surviving inheritors dwindles, it’s kind of surprising that Akira’s story is given so much importance, but as it was an unexpected move, I liked that.


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