And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #4


Image © Robert Williams & Michael Dowling.

While the obvious connection to pop culture in this comic is to Twitter, with the clever title and the 140 characters, all hoping to inherit a share of the vast fortune of dying billionaire Mr. Ferrell, there’s another structure revealing itself now, a much older one. The characters are all on Mr. Ferrell’s island, and it has been revealed that, if one of the 140 dies, his or her share is split between the remaining inheritors. So, we have a kind of Tontine, but one in which the players are likely to turn on each other to increase their fortunes and their odds. It’s going to become “survival of the fittest” soon in this Darwinian experiment, and there’s already been one casualty.

This issue we learn that Mr. Ferrell has gotten the idea from a book by Akira, a popular actor and writer who is one of the 140. This suggests the choosing of the group was not random. Other players taking major roles are the film-maker Ravan, the street kid Dave, and the heavily armed religious cultist Deacon. The characters, story and art are all terrific, I’m enjoying this game, glad I’m not participating, and as with TV’s “Survivor,” happy to sit back and watch it play out.


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