And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #5


This story took a turn I wasn’t expecting in issue 5, which is usually a good thing. I thought we were going to have all the beneficiaries of the massive fortune of billionaire Larry Ferrell stuck on his Caribbean island fighting it out for the money, since we now know that each one who dies increases the fortunes of the rest. Instead, the 138 remaining men and women are being sent home, or wherever they want to go. This seems like a good thing for them, but as we see, maybe not. The story has been widely told, many of the recipients, or maybe all, are known to social media. That means they are still targets, as at least one of them finds out back in St. Louis.

Several characters’ stories are being followed more closely than the rest, as is only natural with such a large cast, and they’re all interesting and each very different. The writing by Rob Williams is excellent, and the art by Mike Dowling likewise.


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