And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #8


We, the readers, are following the followers, specifically the remaining 137 inheritors of the vast wealth of a deceased billionaire. The trick is, the smaller that group is, the more for those who remain. The reality of this has now sunk in with many, and they are looking for safe havens. One member of the group is the Japanese guru Akira, and he has invited some to join him in his guarded compound, but Akira is now regretting the move, feeling he can’t protect the group sufficiently. Other members are ignoring the danger, appearing on talk shows and such, while a few have followed another member of the group to Russia, where they hope to gain protection for money. In all, it’s an episodic issue with several new shocks, and no one seems to have a good plan. The characters and story by Rob Williams are keeping me reading, and the art by Mike Dowling is excellent, reminding me at times of Frank Quitely. I’m curious to see where things go from here.


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