And Then I Read: UNFOLLOW #9

Unfollow9I really like the way writer Rob Williams is developing this story. With 140 plus characters to follow potentially, he had to narrow it to a few he found interesting, and they interest me, too. The killer in the elaborate mask, Rubinstein, is still on billionaire Larry Ferrell’s Caribbean island, and makes a startling discovery that changes everything, but before that we have a few of the targeted 140 in Russia taking refuge with members of a local mob there, for a price, and getting a ride on a massive plane that seems to be a real thing, new to me. In Marseille, France, another of the 140 is out on the streets alone, a very dangerous place to be. And a group of the 140 who have followed Akira back to his island compound in Japan discover that Akira seems to be rather less sane than they expected. Excellent art by Mike Dowling that reminds me of Frank Quitely for good reasons.


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