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I love the idea of these Quarterlies with a sound effect theme. Maybe the title SFX (comics shorthand for sound effect) is a little too insider for some, but it does make for great visuals in the logo, as here. These anthologies are a much-needed place for young talent to take the stage, and Vertigo always throws in some seasoned pros to enrich the mix. I don’t have comments about all the entries, but here are the ones I liked best.

The lead story EKOH by Nathan Fox is visually stunning and full of great art and lettering, but a bit hard for me to follow. It’s also continued, presumably in the next Quarterly.

Veteran writer/artist Peter Kuper has a nearly wordless entry that showcases his painted art and his interest in environmental issues. Quite good!

KRAK(en) is a great story by Robbie Thompson and Claire Roe that puts sea monsters and a fearless girl together for a charming result with excellent art.

THE KRAK IN THE WALL by Corinna Bechko and W. Scott Forbes has lovely art, but a story that didn’t live up to its promise for me.

THE AUDITION by Mark Buckingham and Jessicia Martin is a delicious showbiz story with a nice twist ending, and nearly without words except for the ever-present sound effect.

Finally, KRAK! by Gilbert Hernandez is as wacky and endearing as a story about an alien invasion of Earth can get. Bravo!

In all, lots of fun reading here, and recommended.

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