And Then I Read: B.P.R.D. WAR ON FROGS

Images © Mike Mignola.

Volume 12 of this series takes a break from the main storyline to offer short stories with various team members featuring art by many talents that haven’t worked on the feature before, with quite interesting results.

Roger the homunculus makes his first appearance in a while in a story about a family of frog creatures, with art by Herb Trimpe and Guy Davis. Davis’ style tends to dominate, but it’s still an interesting combination.

Captain Daimio and Abe Sapien take on a southern revival preacher who seems to be a young girl, but of course is something quite different. Art on this all by Guy Davis, a chilling tale.

A group of B.P.R.D. military men tackle a possible frog hideout on an abandoned Navy vessel, in a tale that would have fit right in on TV’s “The Outer Limits.” The art is by John Severin, and it looks great. Even gives him the chance to draw Hellboy in one large panel, above.

Johann Kraus leads a team to kill a frog colony in rural farm, but Johann finds himself being haunted by the ghosts of those creatures, and must deal with them on the spiritual plane as well. A revealing and unusual story with wonderful art by Peter Snejbjerg. Sure would like to see more of that!

I also quite liked the art of Karl Moline on the final story about a female B.P.R.D. soldier with a bit of a crush on Liz, who doesn’t seem to know she exists. Well done all around.


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