And Then I Read: WARLORD 16

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So it ends, this relaunch of THE WARLORD, only able to hang on for 16 issues this time. Despite some excellent work by Mike Grell as writer and sometimes artist, the magic seems to be gone, which is too bad, I enjoyed this run. The final issue is a bit of a rush toward closure, tying up as many plotlines as possible, while still leaving some room for a return perhaps, at least of Travis Morgan’s son, Morgan having already been given a fine sendoff by Grell in an earlier issue. Despite all the bases that need to be touched, there’s  some nice character moments here, and enough explosions to call it an action finale.

I really don’t see anything wrong with Grell’s art, but perhaps younger readers didn’t warm to it, or prefer superheroes. To me it’s a great combination of grace and power, bringing the kind of style to swords and sorcery that’s hard to find elsewhere today.

Well done, Mike. As with previous issues, recommended.

One thought on “And Then I Read: WARLORD 16

  1. Gary Ware

    If Grell was inclined to do art on a Warlord revival I can’t understand why wouldn’t DC have had him do the first arc or hire someone like Joe Rubenstein to ink Grell’s pencils or layouts?
    As soon as I saw the revival was being launched with a different artist, (who in the current DC fashion soon moved to another job) my nostalgia interest was instantly negated.
    A Warlord revival needs two things: a solid run of Grell art/pencils right from the beginning and a double page splash on pages 2 & 3 of every issue.

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