And Then I Read: WARLORD 4 & 5


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m continuing to enjoy this revamp written by original creator Mike Grell, art mainly by Chad Hardin and Wayne Faucher. First, I’d like to point to the covers by Mike Grell himself, all well drawn and with interesting colors that look like they’re done with markers. Unfortunately, in some areas the colors are too dark, obsuring details and forms. I think this could be improved with better scanning. Marker color can be tricky to scan, but I think it could be done better by someone with experience in that area. Just saying.


The interior art continues to improve with each issue. It’s hard to pick an example of the best of it, as those are usually on double-page spreads, which I would have to reduce too much to show up well here, but this page isn’t bad. Penciller Hardin seems to be getting more relaxed and familiar with the characters, and is letting them act and look more natural in their body language and expressions.

The story is entertaining, now merging the new characters from our present world with the original series characters like Travis Morgan, the Warlord himself, who has lost all track of time, and at one point asks who the president of the US is…nice touch! Back in Skartaris, there’s plenty of action and intrigue. As the cast grows, a few more captions identifying place and characters might be helpful, but the plot is moving along well, and the characters, both good and bad, are keeping my interest. I’ll continue reading! Recommended.

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