And Then I Read: WARRIORS THREE 1-4

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It took me a while to get all four of these, and then another while to read them, but when I did I had a good time. I always liked the Warriors Three back in the day when they were appearing in THOR written by Stan Lee. Kind of the Norse equivalent of The Three Musketeers, not exactly Thor sidekicks, but often played for humor. Writer Bill Willingham is someone I’ve worked with a lot, so I was curious to see how familiar the writing style would be on this Marvel book, and it did have some themes that reminded me of FABLES (particularly the use of a giant wolf), but there were plenty of new things going on here as well. The boasting and banter among the Three is well handled and entertaining. The setting is a bit puzzling to me, not having followed THOR for many years, as Asgard appears to be in the American midwest here, though that could well be a temporary storyline thing. The narrator, who we don’t see for quite a while, is an agent of A.I.M., the sort of dark version of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that lends some confusion to the storytelling, but the main narrative is full of sharp action and good character development, so that didn’t harm the overall read very much. The Fenris Wolf is pretty cool as a force of vast destruction, and things roll along nicely throughout.

The art by Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna is well done in general, though some pages have too much going on, and too much attention paid to the small details, which drags on the storytelling. In general it’s fine, though. The use of an uncial style font for the Asgardians is sometimes a bit distracting, and the lettering is not always well-placed in the balloon shapes, leaving too much space in some, not enough in others. The approach is, I think, meant to mimic that of John Workman, but not done as well.

Minor complaints aside, I did enjoy this, and it’s recommended. If you’re a Willingham fan, I’d say it’s worth seeking out.

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