And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN 1 & 2

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Another character who seems to be getting a fresh start that goes back to her early days. But perhaps the most interesting gambit of writer Brian Azzarello is to not even bring Diana into his story in issue 1 until page 10. Before that we get some mysterious moments with an apparent sun god and three young women he’s making use of in a penthouse overlooking Singapore, then another young woman in Virginia confronting a very unusual half-man half-bird intruder, then being attacked by two centaurs. The bird man is another godlike being who sends the young woman, Zola, directly to London and Diana’s apartment, where her reception is surprisingly cordial. Maybe it’s the special key in her hand. Wonder Woman returns with Zola to face the centaurs, and proves herself a powerful and clever warrior.

Issue 2 puts us inside the home of another god, a goddess in this case, and her punkish daughter, as seen on the cover above, both determined to kill Zola. Diana brings the girl to Paradise Island, thinking it will be a safe haven, but of course things don’t work out that way!

Cliff Chiang’s art on this book is a delight. First, he simplifies forms in a somewhat cartoony way that manages to still read as fairly realistic and serious. Second, he makes Diana look quite young, and gives her energy and an apparent love for action that works great with the story. Azzarello is feeding in background gradually, such as a recap of Diana’s origin in issue 2, but mostly this is an action/adventure story with fantasy elements, and for now is avoiding the heavy load of back story inherent in the character’s mythic background and Greek pantheon. I think it’s going there, but in a refreshing way.


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