And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #10

Image © DC Comics.

Writer Greg Rucka continues to alternate issues, telling two stories. The even numbers are a “year one” retelling of Wonder Woman’s beginnings in America, and it’s the story I’m enjoying the most. The art by Nicola Scott is excellent, and the lettering effects by Jodi Wynne successfully carry some subtle ideas about how Diana’s language is different from ours, and the imperfect ability of her translator, Barbara Ann, to speak it.

Steve Trevor and Etta Candy round out the trio of handlers and helpers working to bring Diana to the realities of man’s world, and to help with that they propose a field trip into downtown San Diego from the Naval Base on Coronado Island where Diana is being held. This leads to a delightful set piece in the Horton Plaza mall where Wonder Woman first gets to see some children close up, among other things, reminding us that there were no children in her home, Themyscira. Then things turn violent with the attack of a terrorist group.

While the present-day storyline has its moments, this one really works for me. Recommended.

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