And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #18

Image © DC Comics.

Diana is in Oxford, England twenty months after she left Themyscira, trying to deter her friend Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva from an expedition to Africa to search for real gods, like those Diana knows. Part of the issue focuses on that, part on another woman, Veronica, who is being coerced into doing things that will harm Diana and Barbara Ann. Her technology is bringing the personality of a dead woman back to life, of a sort, as we see the creation of another Wonder Woman foe, Doctor Cyber. Veronica’s daughter’s soul is being held hostage by two godlings, Phobos and Diemos, and it’s not hard to work out who they report to.

The time period of this story is getting more vague, as we see lots of modern technology, including cell phones, so how far in the past is it from the other storyline in this book? In that one, we know a lot more about what happened to Dr. Minerva, as these two threads begin to intertwine. It’s all handled deftly by Greg Rucka, and I’m enjoying the ride. Art this time is by Bilquis Evely and Scott Hanna, a bit different look, but works fine.


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