And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #2

WW2Image © DC Comics.

Very smart, writer Greg Rucka’s plan for this series revamp, alternating two story lines. In issue 1 we saw Wonder Woman today, here we return to her beginnings on Themyscira. As Diana expresses her desire to know more about life beyond their island and has some adventures there, we see the idyllic but predictable world of the Amazons beautifully depicted by artist Nicola Scott. (Different artists for each alternating series. Smart.) As Steve Trevor’s path brings him inevitably to an airplane crash on the shore of the island, we learn of his character through interactions with fellow soldiers and friends. The transitions between these two threads are equally clever. I’m tired of the revamps. but so far this one is fun to read, and I think alternating between the past and the present will make each story line resonate with the other going forward. Very smart, very well done.


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