And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #20

Image © DC Entertainment.

I’m well behind on this title, but actually I’m savoring the last few issues of this Greg Rucka run. In Part 3 of Godwatch, Doctor Cale’s quest to cure her daughter has her calling up the ancient witch Circé, as seen on the cover. Circé in this incarnation is a charming trickster who seems to have no problem staying one step ahead of Doctor Cale, her digital assistant, and Wonder Woman. Cale also wants revenge on Phobos and Deimos, who have taken her daughter’s soul and face, and Circé’s plan will give her that as well. Meanwhile, Diana is confronting Cheetah in Greece, and then fighting terrorists in Qurac, but is drawn into Circé’s plan without even knowing it. What happens when the plan is fulfilled and the trap sprung is going to mean even more trouble for everyone. Great story by Rucka, nice art by Bilquis Evely.


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