And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #25

Image © DC Entertainment.

The conclusion of Greg Rucka’s recent run on WONDER WOMAN is something I almost hated to read because I wish it had gone on longer, but having read it, I feel satisfied with the story Rucka told. Some of this issue is, inevitably, set up for the next person, putting the toys back in the toybox. One good thing about that is, there’s a sense of closure which is rare in monthly comics today.

Diana is angry. Her golden lasso is gone to bind two gods, and her Justice League partners, among others, notice immediately. Wonder Woman’s furious defeat of The Shaggy Man is one aspect of her anger, and her friends want to help, but Diana isn’t ready to tell them everything. In Washington, The Picket, Etta’s dark ops group, is getting back into operation, and they would just as soon Wonder Woman was not involved, which will come as a shock to their operative Steve Trevor, who has a surprise waiting for Diana whenever she can get to it. Doctor Cale seems to have gotten away with all her evil doings, and rebuffs the FBI with lawyers at hand. Diana has a request for her that doesn’t get a good answer. Diana’s biggest challenge this issue is to face her patrons, the gods of Themyscira (and Olympus). That confrontation is almost the best part of the issue, and stunningly depicted by Liam Sharp. Almost.

Fine work by everyone involved. Recommended.

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