And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #3

ww3Image © DC Comics.

Most of this issue explores the love/hate relationship between Wonder Woman and her foe Cheetah, in this revamp a troubled woman who is apparently part-animal rather than someone wearing a costume. I know it’s not a new idea, but seems more fully realized here. Diana addresses her by the name Barbara Ann, so their relationship extends back to a time when Cheetah was a normal human, it seems. Now Cheetah has her own domain in Africa with other beast-human followers. The bulk of this issue explores Cheetah’s struggle with her dual nature, torn between good and evil even within herself. It’s the kind of character exploration there is rarely time for in superhero comics, and well handled by writer Greg Rucka. The art by Liam Sharp is excellent. A sub-plot follows Steve Trevor, also in Africa, on the trail of outlaws who have terrorized a local village and taken hostages. Not sure (or I don’t recall) why this is Steve’s assignment, but he and Diana are surely on course to meet soon.


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