And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN 4 & 5

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Writer Brian Azzarello’s exploration of Greek myth continues to go in surprising directions. His depictions of the Greek gods and demigods (god kids?) are unusual both visually and in personality. Not for him the standard route of humanlike characters seen in most such tales. Ares, god of war is an eyeless old man, Hera a beautiful woman, but the rest are quite unusual, such as Poseidon, as seen on the cover above.

This fresh take on the whole world of Wonder Woman makes the books all the more interesting, as one never knows where things will go next. And the revelations about Diana’s parentage seen in issue 3 continue to have repercussions in these stories. Longtime WW fans might be a bit put off by the break from previous versions, but I like it.

The art of Cliff Chiang is also fresh and exciting, and even the (I assume) fill in art of Tony Akins in issue 5, as seen above, works well. Both have a somewhat stylized approach that seems to work on these characters, though I’d certainly give Chiang the edge.

The storyline? Lots of plotting behind the scenes by various gods that hasn’t really come together yet for me, but Diana and her friends are the core of the book, and I like them all, so I’m happy to wait and see what develops.


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