And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #4

ww4Image © DC Comics.

I really like this book’s division into two separate story lines with the odd numbers in the present day and the even numbers retelling Wonder Woman’s origin from the beginning. Here’s the second part of that story. Having lettered Grant Morrison’s version of Diana’s origin in WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE last year, it was interesting to compare his approach with Greg Rucka’s on this book, and DC has another version out now by Jill Thompson. Reminds me of the days when Superman and Batman’s origins were revamped every few years…oh, wait, that’s now. In this case, though, all three versions are being offered as alternatives without one lording it over the others, though Rucka’s version will continue in the monthly title, so be “new” longer.

Themyscira: Paradise Island has to deal with a man on their land for the first time in…ever, I guess. That man is Steve Trevor, whose plane has crashed on the island, all other crew are dead. Queen Hippolyta is worried that the armed men are part of an invasion force, and the guns the American’s brought are weapons never seen on Paradise Island. Diana is, of course, drawn to Steve, even though they don’t speak the same language. The Queen declares a champion must be chosen who is willing to take Trevor home. That champion will lose her immortality and never be allowed to return. Will it be Diana? Her mother, the Queen, hopes not, but fears so.

Nicely done, great art by Nicola Scott, looking forward to more.

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