And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #48

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by James Robinson, art by Jesus Merino, colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr., letters by Saida Temofonte.

So far I found the current Dark Gods storyline short on character development and full of set-up, and looking around online, I see that it is set-up. Writer James Robinson is heading an entire Dark Gods imprint of several titles. Perhaps that explains all the exposition and the heavily plot-driven story. In this issue, several of the Dark Gods are introduced, and I found them merely odd and uninspired. Surely if they are your focal point, they should be intriguing, and threatening, but I thought them rather dull, I’m afraid. Trying for something akin to Kirby’s New Gods or Eternals, but failing, at least for me. I can see that this title is one that is not going to entertain me, and this will be the last one I read for a while.

Not recommended.

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