And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Until this issue I found writer Brian Azzarello’s versions of the Greek gods entertaining, but somehow they’re beginning to lose credibility for me. I mean, it’s a fun idea revamping the Greek pantheon, but the forms and personas chosen are in some cases so far from what we all know about these gods and goddesses that I cease accepting them. Poseidon as a huge sea monster was a stretch, but at least he’s in the aquatic ballpark. But Hades as a boy in armor with flaming candles on his head, and his eyes covered in wax? What’s that supposed to represent? Playing against expectations is great once in a while. Neil Gaiman’s take on Death is a good example. But the rest of The Endless are much closer to what you might expect from what their essence represents. Here, every Greek god and goddess we’ve met, with the possible exception of Hera, is completely contrary to expectations. It’s a deal breaker for me, I can no longer take the storyline seriously.

The art by Tony Akins and Dan Green is fine, but I miss Cliff Chiang’s unique take on Wonder Woman. This is close, but not as good. There are some nice action sequences, all the same.

I’ll give this book a few more issues, but if things continue in this direction, I’ll be dropping it. And I can’t really recommend this issue.

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