And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #7

Image © DC Comics.

I’m way behind on this and other DCU titles I’m reading, but will try to catch up some. This issue of WW is in the present day and presents the climax of the Cheetah story that’s been running in odd-numbered issues. Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva) has agreed to help Diana rescue Steve Trevor from the African warlord Cadulo, who is planning to sacrifice Trevor to revive an ancient evil god, Urzkartaga. There are also women imprisoned by Cadulo and his minions that Diana wants to rescue. It all takes place in an action-filled story written by Greg Rucka, with great art by Liam Sharp. With some writers, this kind of story becomes simply a slugfest, but Rucka goes for the deeper feelings and meanings that make for a much more satisfying read, in my opinion. His take on Wonder Woman is great, too.


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