And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #8

Image © DC Comics.

Writer Greg Rucka takes a break from his look at the early career of Wonder Woman to give us a biography of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, known in the present day as Cheetah. Young Barbara Ann loves myth and fable, but her father tells her it’s nonsense, and it’s time to grow up. Cut to a 20-something Dr. Minerva at an archaeological dig where she’s convinced the site holds secrets about the mythic Amazons. A solo midnight journey deeper into the dig cave gives her evidence, but then is destroyed by a cave-in, and her male colleagues are dismissive. Undeterred, Dr. Minerva takes her certainty and search elsewhere. Great story, nice art by Bilquis Evely. My only complaint is the lettering by Jody Wynne has more than a few serif I uses where they shouldn’t be, which always pulls me out of the story. (As I’ve said for decades, in comics all-caps lettering, serif I should only be used for the personal pronoun I and contractions like I’m and I’ll, and particularly not in the middle of other words, where it stands out for me like a red flag of incorrect lettering.)


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