And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #9

Image © DC Comics.

Mission ended, Diana is back in Washington, DC with friends Etta and Dr. Minerva (cured of being Cheetah, at least for the moment) having a mall shopping trip and talking about how they might help Diana rediscover the way to her Amazon home, Themyscira. Meanwhile, Steve Trevor is also back from HIS mission to free slave girls in Africa and capture the ancient god who held them in thrall. Much plotting is going on behind all their backs between several covert agencies, at least one probably criminal. To round out the issue, Diana and Steve have a date that leads to talking over their relationship, helping to clarify that for them and me. One problem with all the revamps of the past few years is, I can’t tell if what I think I know about DC’s superheroes is from old, discarded continuity or currently true. I think I’m beyond the ability to keep things straight even if I wanted to, and I’m not reading a lot of the books, but this relationship recap was helpful.

Fine writing by Greg Rucka, fine art by Liam Sharp, particularly nice coloring by Laura Martin. Recommended.

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