And Then I Read: WORLDS’ FINEST 11


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There are some characters from the golden age of comics with now-embarrassing or silly names. One of them is kissing Power Girl on this cover. Writer Paul Levitz gets around that by never mentioning the name at all, in fact it took me a while to remember who this guy with the floating T balls is: Mr. Terrific. I guess no name is better than that. Huntress and Power Girl are putting together the pieces of a puzzle in which he’s a major figure…or is he? The reveal at the end of the issue says something else is going on here! Something that should make the next issue interesting.

The art this time is by three new artists, only one of which is familiar to me: Barry Kitson. His pages are terr…wonderful, the others not so much. The look of the characters changes too much from one artist to another to work for me. I expect this is a fill-in, artistically.

Mildly recommended.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: WORLDS’ FINEST 11

  1. Jon Marvin

    Ken Lashley is a Toronto based artist, Todd. I know he has done a fair bit of for Marvel and Image, but I’m unaware of any work for DC until now.

  2. Kabe

    Lashley worked on one of the New 52 titles, Blackhawks, I think. Oddly, Kabe favorite Graham Nolan was tasked with layouts and breakdowns, and Lashley with finished pencils, despite the fact that Lashley is something of a veteran who should be able to do full pencils himself

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