And Then I Read: WORLDS’ FINEST 12


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m enjoying the writing and art on this book, but somehow it always feels like it’s on the edges of other stories that I’m not following. The involvement of things from Apokolips, the home of Darkseid, for example…is this something going on in other books? I don’t know. We have one of Darkseid’s main lieutenants battling Power Girl in this issue, though she and Huntress are the only ones who seem to know it. That cover by Ryan Sook is a stunner, very much in the style of Adam Hughes, and inside the book the art by several artists, including Kevin Maguire is fine, too. There seems to be a vendetta by Apokolips against this heroine team that again feels like part of a larger story. The issue is still a good read on its own, though.


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