And Then I Read: WORLDS’ FINEST 4

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Paul Levitz is having some good fun with superheroes in this book. It takes place on an Earth like ours, but not quite. This Power Girl and Huntress are from Earth 2, a different other Earth. (And we can see the snowball of complexity beginning to roll downhill there…) But none of that gets in the way of a good action-filled giant radioactive monster in Japan story that Paul wraps up nicely in this issue, to make way for an Issue 0 next time. And in the flashback sequence, we get to see the two ladies in their civilian garb dealing with more mundane but equally entertaining issues like sleazy guys.

The flashback art is by Kevin Maguire, sample above, doing what he does best: character interactions and humor, while the main story is full of wonderful action courtesy of George Pérez and Scott Koblish. It’s all great, the contrast is refreshing, everyone gets to work at a pace they can handle, what a deal!


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