And Then There Were 3…BIG NUMBERS, that is


© Alan Moore.

One of the lost masterpieces of comics is Alan Moore’s BIG NUMBERS. Projected as a lengthy series, with art by Bill Sienkiewicz, Alan self-published the first two oversized issues under his Mad Love imprint. Then things went sour when Sienkiewicz left the project, turning it over to his assistant Al Colombia. In reports I’ve read, Colombia went a little mad and, after finishing the art for the third issue, he destroyed it. The project never recovered, and Alan has said he now has no interest in going back to it.

The third issue was long thought to be gone forever, but Alan Moore fan Pádraig O Méalóid recently purchased on ebay what certainly seems to be a second-generation photocopy of the entire issue! With Alan’s permission, he’s scanned it, and you can see it HERE, on his blog. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but look forward to it.

Good one, Pádraig!

ADDED: I’ve now read that it was issue 4 that was destroyed, issue 3 was complete but never published. If so, this is still the first chance we’ve all had to see it, though some of the art was published unlettered.

One thought on “And Then There Were 3…BIG NUMBERS, that is

  1. ]@/\/\!3

    My buddy Chris Staros, of Top Shelf Publishing
    has a copy of issue #3 also.
    I’ve never worked up the nerve to ask him
    to make me a copy.
    I guess now I don’t have to.
    Thanks Todd.

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