Announcing JOYRIDE, a new signed print with Gene Ha


Image © Gene Ha and Todd Klein, all rights reserved.

I’m happy to announce that the tenth print in my 11 by 17-inch alphabetical series is now on sale!

Famed artist Gene Ha has illustrated a key moment from the story of Bellerophon, a hero of Greek myth, who has captured the winged horse Pegasus and returned to his lady love, Princess Philona of Lycia to give her the ride of her life. It’s based on a short story written by me, inspired by the retelling of the Pegasus myth by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Both stories are available on my website HERE. Printed on pure white cardstock, Gene’s exceptional art is enhanced by his gray tones and pale pink spot color hand-painted by me on each print. Both of us have signed all the copies. The price is $20 plus shipping.

To order go to my BUY STUFF page. Over the next two days I’ll be running a two-part article detailing the creation of this print here on my blog. Details about the creation of this and all my prints are available HERE.

While I can’t guarantee arrival before Christmas, orders I receive by the end of the day Monday should have a good chance of arriving by Friday, at least in the USA.

Thanks to everyone who orders, Gene and I appreciate your support. I look forward to hearing from you!

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