Any more WSB pledges?

Next Saturday is our big day, when Ellen and I will join the “Cape May Century Run” team for this year’s fundraiser, spending about 14 hours trying to count as many bird species as possible in one day. In addition to our own pledges, I’d love to have one from you. Pledges are made on the number of species seen by the team. Our team total is likely to fall between 140 and 150, and you can pledge as little as 10 cents per species, which would result in a monetary pledge of $14 to $15. Or, if you’re feeling generous and want to really help us raise money for conservation efforts, you could pledge $1 per species, as have the very generous




I can’t tell you how cheering those pledges were, guys! Thanks so much!

Any pledge amount will be gratefully accepted, though, and there are incentives as well:

A pledge of 10-25 cents per species will get you a signed recent comic I’ve lettered (my choice) and a signed bookmark.

A pledge of 30-50 cents per species will get you a signed trade paperback of something I’ve lettered (my choice) plus bookmark.

A pledge of 55-75 cents will get you two signed comics AND a signed trade paperback plus bookmark.

A pledge of 80 cents to $1 or more per species will get you your choice of any of my signed prints personalized to you (or my as yet unreleased next one), plus bookmark, and my gratitude! Or if you’d rather, two trade paperbacks of my choice, signed.

If you’d like to pledge, CONTACT ME at that link. Thanks for considering our favorite charity event!

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