AoD 2nd printing update

Sales are a lot more sedate this time. The first day there were lots of orders, the second day a dozen or two, and since then I’ve been getting an average of three or four per day. This is fine, makes it much easier to keep up with packing and shipping, but I guess I do feel a little deflated after being spoiled by the quick sellout last time. “Alphabets of Desire” will remain in stock for some time, though, which is not a bad thing.

Meanwhile, if you know of any Alan Moore fans that might not have heard about it; if you belong to a message board or newsgroup that might be interested (and doesn’t already have one of my own plugs), please do pass the word on. Alan and I thank you for your orders and your support!

6 thoughts on “AoD 2nd printing update

  1. Dan V

    Todd, thanks for your awesome work on this. I’m eagerly awaiting mine. I updated the wikipedia entry on Alan mentioning that the new printing went on sale on March 8th this year. Wikipedia is the first thing that comes up on a google search for Alan Moore so I assume that’s were most people get their Alan Moore info. I think Alan was getting more press last year due to Lost Girls and Black Dossier so more people heard about AoD that now when there is less press. I don’t doubt they will all sell out. I’d just like to mention how much i’m enjoying your site. You have mad skills and it shows. I showed my friend your blog article on the spider man fonts and he told me he always suspected the letterer was the most talented guy working on the comic.

  2. Chris

    hello Todd,
    My order arrived safely yesterday – the prints are wonderful, many thanks! One suggestion about increased visibility would be to update Neil about the project and see if he might want to share it (with a picture?) on his website ( I know he posted about the original sale in December and I’m sure there would be a lot of overlap of interest. Secondly, I know that I plan on purchasing more copies after your March 24th reorder deadline – I think they make the most excellent gifts (and are most reasonably priced) and I’d like to donate a couple to the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund and the Hero Initiative at San Diego Con. this Summer; looking forward to see you there as one of the guests of honor! Regards, Chris Overington.

  3. DavidK

    My package also arrived in fine shape. The Alphabet print is quite nice, and I really like the Shade lettering samples, but the stand-out was the colored lettering print. I’ve admired the black-and-white version, but the coloring really takes it to another level. Thanks!

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