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Outgoing orders

All the orders I received by midnight last night, Thursday, are packed and will go to the post office shortly. Orders that come in today will go out tomorrow. There was a flurry of orders in the first two hours, then it slowed to a much more steady and sedate pace after that. At the moment about 110 Alphabets of Desire prints are sold, and 17 Hand-Colored Lettering Samplers as well. If things continue at this rate, both should remain in stock for considerably longer than the 3 days of last time.

In other items, I’m down to the last batch of Tom Strong overlays, please email me before ordering them. I also have only 2 more “DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering” books in stock, also email me if you want one. After they’re gone, you can still order from on my BUY STUFF page.

Thanks, everyone, for your orders!

UPDATE: I’m now out of stock of the Coloring/Lettering Guide book, please order from Amazon from my BUY STUFF page.

2 thoughts on “AoD: Outgoing

  1. Lawrence McKenna


    I just wanted to extend my utmost appreciation for your part of this absolutely beautiful artifact. This was quite a nicely-done production, well worth the price. I greatly appreciate your professionalism, from the ease of purchase to the fast shipment to the product as an object, itself.

    Best Wishes,
    L. McKenna

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