AoD: The Power of Neil

As I wrote here last week, after an initial flurry of orders, sales of the “Alphabets of Desire” second printing had settled into a slow but steady average of two orders per day. Yesterday Neil Gaiman mentioned it on his blog. Since then about 65 orders have come in. Neil’s blog is an amazingly powerful publicity tool, among many other things! Thank you, Neil. Thank you, Neil’s friends, fans and readers. And if anyone reading this blog isn’t already reading the BEST BLOG EVER, as well as Neil’s books, well…you should be!

Neil also mentioned that he’s writing something for my next print. We’ve been talking about it since late December, but now that he’s written it on the Blog, I know it will happen, and that makes me very happy. More Neil Power to come, details as I have them!

3 thoughts on “AoD: The Power of Neil

  1. Marcel

    Hi Todd,

    I saw Neil’s comment on his blog and thought what would that cause to your orders.

    Anyway, put my name on the list for the “mystery Gaiman project”, although is not even written yet. If it’s anything similar to AoD, it would be amazing. And it should sell out really fast!


  2. Todd Post author

    I won’t start a mailing list for a while, it’s still a mystery to me as well! Keep checking here for news, and I’ll open a mailing list when things are further along.

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