AoD Update: They’re Here!


The box of second printings of the “Alphabets of Desire” prints arrived today, back from Alan. The box was in much better shape than last time, so I knew the contents would be fine. As I opened it and pulled out the first one, I saw he’d signed in blue ballpoint this time.”

Good,” I thought, “that’ll make a clear distinction from the first printing, which he signed in red.”

I called to thank him, and mentioned the blue signature. “Oh, I had a bit of a disaster with pens here,” he said. “They kept running out of ink. I went through a number of them, first blue, then black, then blue, then black again.”

“But you didn’t sign any in red this time, did you?”

“No, only blue and black.”

So the distinction remains: if Alan’s signature is not in red ballpoint, it’s not a first printing. Of course, you can also check the fine print along the right side, where I’ve added “2nd printing, Jan. 2008”, but this way, if you should see one for sale somewhere, you can tell right away if it’s a first printing or not.

Most of my shipping supplies also arrived today, so now I can prepack some of them. Last time I was caught off-guard, this time I’m going to get everything as ready as possible. The prints will go on sale next week, I’ll figure out exactly when and let you all know in a day or two. And, of course, if you’re on my “first notified” email list, you’ll be the first to know! To get on that, click the “CONTACT” link in the sidebar, then click the “EMAIL ME” link.

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