As You Were: ordering open again for Moore print

I’ve put the order button back on my Buy Stuff page. At the moment I have 190 prints left. Please understand if they sell out and I have to return your order payment. I’ll try to cut off ordering as soon as possible after they’re gone.And this last batch will probably not ship until next week, as I have to order more mailing tubes. Busy times here at the old studio — posters and shipping stuff everywhere…

3 thoughts on “As You Were: ordering open again for Moore print

  1. Chris

    hi Todd,
    I submitted my order by mail yesterday (primitive I know!) – do you think there might be a chance of filling some of these “slower arriving orders”? Many thanks for this wonderful project, Chris.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for your response Todd,
    I’ve gone ahead and re-placed my order by credit card (I don’t have a paypal account) so could you please return the personal check with my order when it goes out. Many thanks, Chris Overington.

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