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And Then I Read: BUG! #4

Image © DC Entertainment.

This series isn’t making a lot of sense to me, but I like it anyway. I feel the influence of Gerard Way this time, as the “plot” grows in absurdity and complexity with the feeling that no one, even the characters, is taking it very seriously. Meanwhile, we have great art by Michael Allred and a bunch of fun characters from Jack Kirby and elsewhere in the DC Universe (Deadman, Kobra) chasing after one McGuffin after another, hopping from one reality to another, and carrying on surreal conversations with enough humor to be entertaining. Fair enough, I’ll go along.


Pulled From My Files #71: FACTOR-X

This and all images © Marvel.

In 1994 I was asked by editor Kelly Corvese to design a Factor-X logo for a mini-series that would replace X-Factor briefly. This turned out to be quite a lengthy process with several rounds of marker sketches. I’m not sure if the one above came first, but I suspect it did. Continue reading

Incoming: KINO #1, SHADOW OF THE BAT Vol. 3

Image © The Lion Forge LLC.

The first issue of a new series I’m lettering for Lion Forge, part of their Catalyst Prime overall storyline, but it reads fine on its own. Each of the first four issues contains a “retro” 1970s superhero section that was fun to do. Written by Joe Casey, art by Jefte Palo. If it’s not out yet, it will be soon. Nice logo by Rian Hughes!

Image © DC Entertainment.

Volume 3 of the SHADOW OF THE BAT in trade paperback is due out January 10th. I’m enjoying looking back at these, haven’t seen them since I lettered them in 1993-94. Collects issues 24-31, 0 and Annual 2 (lettered by Albert DeGuzman).


Image © DC Entertainment.

There are four short stories in this comic. The lead story by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott is the important one, as it features the first meeting (in current continuity) of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. As always, Rucka handles the characters well, playing to their strengths, and taking the opportunity to show the “boys” that Diana is very much in their league. The other three stories by other teams have Diana coming to the rescue of Aquaman villain King Shark, dealing with a noble warrior afflicted with a monstrous curse, and confronting a giant monster. All mild fun after the main course.


And Then I Read: MISTER MIRACLE #2

Image © DC Entertainment.

I’ve long felt that no one could handle Jack Kirby’s Fourth World characters as well as Kirby himself, but this book is proving me wrong. Writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads have come up with a version of Mister Miracle that is firmly anchored in the Kirby original, yet fresh and surprising. And they even do it with mostly nine-panel grid page layouts and standard comics storytelling, though there’s always a subtle feeling of oddness…is this really what’s happening to these characters, or is it some kind of dream or hallucination? Scott Free and Barda find themselves on the front lines of war on New Genesis against the forces of Darkseid, facing enemy forces again and again, relentlessly, becoming ever more weary. After they finally get a chance to rest, they’re called before Orion, the new High Father of New Genesis, who behaves in a troubling way, demanding formal courtesy and obeisance. He then sends the pair after Darkseid’s sub-commander Granny Goodness, once the mistress of Scott and Barda in their childhood, and things get even stranger.

I don’t know where this is going, but I’m intrigued. Recommended.