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Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Sunday

Sunday morning I had breakfast with Andrew Pepoy and Mark Buckingham, a mini-FABLES reunion. It was good to catch up with Bucky, who I hope to be working with more soon.

I had a lot to do Sunday morning: pack my suitcase and bring it out to my car, then get my convention stuff together and take it over to the show. When I got there, no one was getting in. A small fire had triggered a fire alarm. It was a short delay, about 15 minutes, and the Con staff and volunteers handled the crowd well.

I didn’t have much time left at the show, but time enough to walk around and see more friends and work-mates. Here’s Marc Hempel with one of his Sandman print images.

I met Lee Bermejo for the first time, after working with him on a number of projects, most recently DARK NIGHT, A TRUE BATMAN STORY. Lee was great to talk to, and I hope we will work together again.

I was very happy to see Don Rosa at the show, once again giving away the hot peppers he enjoys growing. Don is able to do large marker sketches of his favorite characters like Uncle Scrooge, but eye problems prevent him from doing comics art. He is as funny and entertaining to talk to as ever, though.

One of my former DC editors, Alisa Kwitney stopped by to talk at my table, and we enjoyed catching up. Alisa has several new projects in the works, both in and out of comics (she’s also a novelist), and she recently helped Neil Gaiman with his book, “Norse Mythology.”

I had to leave the show at 2 PM in order to be home for dinner, so that’s what I did. Andrea Bergner was again there to help today, making my show much easier. John and Cathy Workman were also packing up to head home. Not only did I enjoy the show a great deal, it was the most profitable one ever for me. I sold lots of prints, enjoyed meeting fans and signing their books, and had an excellent time.

I don’t go to a lot of comics conventions these days, and even more rarely am I a guest with a table to sell things, but I have to say Baltimore Comic-Con has become my favorite show. It’s not too big, the attendees are friendly and often interested in comics and creators, the staff is courteous, and ready to provide help when needed. They even come by with sandwiches for guests at lunch time, something I’ve never seen at any other con. Hats off to Marc and Shelly Nathan for putting together such a fine event. The ‘Ringo Awards team headed by Randy Tischler were equally adept, and everyone on the staff that I dealt with was great. If you are thinking of coming to Baltimore for next year’s con, I highly recommend it!

Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Saturday

After having a very busy Friday, I wasn’t sure what to expect on Saturday, usually the busiest day of a con. It turned out to be even busier! Above is my volunteer booth assistant for Saturday and Sunday, Andrea Bergner. She was not only very helpful, but an excellent salesperson! While I was signing a few hundred more books and comics, she handled much of the print sales, which have hit 50 for the con so far, about double what I’ve ever sold at a con. I’m thrilled about that, and will be sending Andrea a special print as a thank you. Continue reading

Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Friday

Friday morning I drove to Baltimore, about three hours with two stops, arriving around 11:15 AM. I checked into the hotel and then gathered my stuff and went to the Convention Center to set up my booth. John and Cathy Workman were already there and set up. I had thought we’d be next to each other, but they were behind me, through the curtain. I set up my new banner, put out my print samples, and was ready to meet the public by the time the con opened at 1 PM. Continue reading

Baltimore Comic-Con tomorrow!

In case anyone’s forgotten or didn’t see my earlier post on this, I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic-Con Friday through Sunday. I’ll be at table 2016 much of the time, right next to my friend John Workman in 2116. John and I will be doing a panel together with moderator Bob Greenberger on Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30. We will also both be at the inaugural ‘Ringo Awards Saturday evening, as we are nominated. Hope to see you there if you’re going!

And Then I Read: WONDER WOMAN #22

Image © DC Entertainment.

Here’s part 4 of the “Godwatch” storyline, taking place in the present time. As it opens, Wonder Woman is taking part in a charity event where she will be the date of the highest bidder. Though both Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are in a bidding war that runs into millions of dollars, Doctor Veronica Cale tops them both. Diana is surprised to say the least, as she knows Cale has been one of her enemies, but agrees to an instant dinner date. Just her, Dr. Cale, and two of Cale’s bodyguards. Diana is clearly not worried, at least until the party is attacked by unknown assailants on a lonely stretch of road.

This was fun more because of the frank talk between enemies than for the rest of the story, but it reads well and looks good. Artist Mirka Andolfo does a fine job in the somewhat less realistic style than Liam Sharp on the other storyline. As the two stories begin to merge, it is a bit confusing to have the art style change this much from issue to issue, but Greg Rucka’s fine writing pulls it all together.