Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Friday

Friday morning I drove to Baltimore, about three hours with two stops, arriving around 11:15 AM. I checked into the hotel and then gathered my stuff and went to the Convention Center to set up my booth. John and Cathy Workman were already there and set up. I had thought we’d be next to each other, but they were behind me, through the curtain. I set up my new banner, put out my print samples, and was ready to meet the public by the time the con opened at 1 PM.

It turned out to be a very busy afternoon for me, surprisingly so. I hardly had time to do anything but sign comics and books I’ve worked on (had to be about 300), sell prints, and do three marker commissions for sketchbooks. That’s something I rarely have time for except at cons like this where I have a table, and that doesn’t happen often. This one is for my long-time friend and super-fan from Denmark, Henrik.

Of course I also talked to lots of people, lots of fans and a few friends who stopped by to chat, including fellow letterer Tom Orzechowski. We last saw each other in 2014.

Mid-afternoon my volunteer assistant for Friday, letterer Justin Birch, arrived, and was a big help with print sales, and manning the booth while I took a bathroom break. Justin letters for Action Labs and other companies. Here he is with the print he chose as his reward for services rendered. Thanks again, Justin!

Another of the sketchbook pieces I did Friday. As someone on Facebook pointed out, I forgot to sign it. Hope the person brings it back for that before the show is over.

Friday evening I had dinner in Baltimore Harbor with friends including Tom, inker and artist Andrew Pepoy third from the right, and John Workman, right. Cathy Workman took the photo. The other two are friends of the Workmans, didn’t get their full names.

Today, Saturday, will be my longest day at the Con, and then I’ll be at the ‘Ringo Awards in the evening. I will report on that when I can. My internet connection is running at glacial speed this morning, so I’m not sure when that will be, but you can check my page on Facebook for updates.


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